Of course Instagram has Charles Benders. I am a member myself.

Here is a list of others. It is curious how the algorithm includes non-Charles Benders in with the Charles Benders.

How many pure Charleses did you count?



In this scroll of all the Charles Benders in the Chinese LinkedIn, I spied a Bendernagel! Can you find him too? How did he get in there? (I wonder if there is no Chinese word for “nagel,” so he had to be included in the regular Bender section.)


(Sorry for the choppy screen scroll)

Found in China!

I found myself while scrolling through the Chinese LinkedIn! Can you guess which one it is?

A closer look inside even mentions our website!

I think the “500,000,000” in the blue box is either how many twitter followers I have, or how much my net worth is in yuan.

Conversely, the little blue “1” above the “We are Charles Bender” box is the number of followers I have.


NY Times Update

I take it all back! Charles Bender made the cut, way back in 1984!

Coincidentally, this Charles Bender also went to a college in Minnesota (Carleton College) and was also a sophomore in 1984! I wonder if we knew each other?

Charles II works in Lemoyne

This is Charles Bender, II. I assume that his father is also Charles Bender. Charles (II) is “Marketing Director for the Bill Gladstone Group of NAI CIR.” I think that means he is in charge of the marketing (brochures, videos, advertising, etc.) for properties that are up for sale.

Learn more about NAI CIR agents. Clearly Charles is the best!